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As Wildfires Burn Statewide, Oregon is Lifting Animal Import Requirements for Those Evacuating

Due to the ongoing threat of wildfires in Oregon and neighboring states, the Oregon Department of Agriculture (ODA) is providing an emergency exemption to all import requirements for companion animals and livestock under an evacuation order for fire or other natural disaster.

The exemption applies only under the following conditions.

  • The farm/residence of origin must be under level 1, 2, or 3 evacuation orders at the time of entry into Oregon.
  • Notification of entry must be made to the Oregon State Veterinarian by email

( or phone (503-986-4680within 72 hours after entry into Oregon.

Notification must include:

  • Complete physical address of origin where animals have been evacuated from
  • Name and phone number of owner of animals
  • Complete physical address of location in Oregon where animals were evacuated to
  • Name and phone number of contact for animals while in Oregon
  • Number and species of animals evacuated to Oregon
    • Animals must return to the state of origin within 30 days of entry into Oregon. If return within that timeframe is not possible, the Oregon State Veterinarian must be notified by telephone (503-986-4680) prior to the 30th day in Oregon.

For those not eligible for the exemption, Oregon’s animal import requirements remain enforced. Animal owners are responsible for complying with regulations when moving animals across state lines. Your veterinarian can help with this process. Animal owners can also visit the animal import requirements database  and choose the appropriate options to find out what is required before  bringing animals into Oregon.

The emergency exemption is effective immediately and shall remain in effect through September 30, 2022.

For more information about Animal Import and Export in Oregon please visit ODA online. 





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