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Cartoon Map

Keep checking back for updates on the new cartoon map. The map is expected to be done mid-late April.

Upcoming Cartoon map games:

Mystery Merchant

Pick up a poster at participating businesses, a list can be found at The La Grande Cartoon Map is filled with Mystery Merchants of the Day.  Each Mystery Merchant provides a gift certificate.

Follow News of Oregon on Facebook for the start date. Each morning (Monday-Friday) we will be sending out four clues to the Mystery Merchant of the day. Be the first to email the correct answerer to and you will win a gift certificate from that business.

Phrase That Pays

On the Cartoon Map there are hidden, well not so hidden numbers (the number will be in the News of logo, ie ) next to participating businesses and throughout the Map.  News Of Oregon Facebook page, will post a number and show what letter that number represents, ie 12 = the letter “A”.  Put them together to discover the phrase.   Email  and be the first email with the correct phrase, you will win gift certificates from participating merchants.

Contest Rules:



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