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Columbia River Correctional Institution Reports In-Custody Death 

PORTLAND – An Oregon Department of Corrections (DOC) adult in custody, Jason Leo Hanson, died the morning of December 25, 2022. He was incarcerated at Columbia River Correctional Institution (CRCI) in Portland and passed away at a local hospital while on hospice care. As with all in-custody deaths, the Oregon State Police have been notified. 

Hanson entered DOC custody on March 17, 2020, from Multnomah County.  His earliest release date was November 10, 2028. He was 33 years old. Next of kin has been notified.

DOC takes all in-custody deaths seriously. The agency is responsible for the care and custody of approximately 12,000 men and women who are incarcerated in 12 institutions across the state. While crime information is public record, DOC elects to disclose only upon request out of respect for any family or victims.

CRCI is a minimum-security prison that houses approximately 595 adults in custody who are within four years of release. Located in the largest metropolitan area of the state, this facility is focused on cognitive programming, alcohol and drug programming, work programs, and preparing for return to the community. CRCI has two alcohol and drug/cognitive restructuring alternative incarceration programs (AIP). Individuals who successfully complete this 180-day-in-prison program are released to the community for a 90-day transitional leave period. CRCI is located on a 26-acre site in northeast Portland and officially in opened in September 1990. 



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