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Current Fire Restrictions on the Umatilla National Forest


PENDLETON  — Umatilla National Forest officials advise hunters and visitors traveling into the area that the fire danger is HIGH on the Forest and Phase B Public Use Restrictions are in effect. Hunters and visitors should use extreme caution and know what restrictions or closures are in place before heading to the woods.

Public Use Restrictions (PURs) are measures put in place, in phases, to reduce the risk of a wildfire starting during the appropriate level of fire danger. Restrictions under Phase B include:

  • Campfires are ONLY allowed in designated campgrounds and recreation sites (list available on the Forest’s website). Liquefied or bottled gas stoves and heaters are allowed for cooking and heating.
  • Operating a chainsaw or other internal combustion engine (other than a motor vehicle), is prohibited without a valid permit. Commercial and personal use firewood permits are regulated by the conditions of the permit and separate from restrictions under this public use restriction.
  • Generators will only be allowed in the center of an area at least 10 feet in diameter that is cleared of all flammable material, or; when fully contained within a pickup truck bed that is devoid of all flammable material, or; when factory installed in a recreational vehicle and the generator exhaust discharge is located in the center of an area at least 10 feet in diameter that is cleared of all flammable material.
  • Smoking is only allowed within enclosed vehicles, buildings, and developed recreation sites or when stopped in an area cleared of all flammable material.

Hunters and forest visitors should also be cautious when entering any recently burned area and be aware of increased hazards, particularly snags (which are recently burned or dead trees). Forest officials ask that visitors do not camp or linger in a burned area. Dead or dying trees that remain standing after a fire are unstable, especially in high winds. Loose rocks and logs can be present in a burned area and are unpredictable, creating a falling a hazard. Additionally, burned vegetation can also contribute to landslides, mudslides and erosion when rain occurs. The ground in a burned area can also be unstable, due to burned-out roots beneath the surface. After soils and vegetation have been charred, rainfall that would normally be absorbed could run off extremely quickly.

Forest visitors may also encounter firefighter traffic, dusty roads and areas of smoke. Please be alert when traveling on the Forest.

For more information regarding Restrictions, please contact the Umatilla National Forest information hotline at (877) 958-9663. The latest fire information will be posted on the Blue Mountains Fire Information Blog at

More information about the Umatilla National Forest is available at





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