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Did you realize today is a Palindrome Day


Today is 2/22/22, the last date with all the same digits until 3/3/33.

Interestingly, today’s date is both a palindrome and an ‘ambigram’. An ambigram is one where the word reads the same upside down. So, the date 22-02-2022 is the same backward to forward as it is forward to backward, and also looks the exact same upside down!

History of palindromes

It is said that the very word itself — ‘palindrome’ — was first introduced by one Henry Peacham in 1638. Interestingly, the first known palindrome is in Latin, dating back to the Roman times; it reads: “Sator arepo tenet opera rotas”, which is loosely translated to, “The sower Arepo leads with his hand the plough”, or “The sower Arepo holds the wheels with effort.”

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