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La Grande Parks and Recreation Pool Maintenance Update


Due to unforeseen circumstances, two of the La Grande contractors have pulled out of their scheduled work for the Veterans’ Memorial Pool’s Maintenance sparking it’s shut down.

This means that a few of the city’s normally scheduled items are not going to be completed at this time, but it also means that the pool will be open starting a week earlier. It will be open starting September 19 at 5 a.m.

During the pool maintenance work, crews put all new water in both pools. Worked on winterizing the outdoor pool. The ladder rungs were tightened and new treads were placed on the therapy ladder. The deep clean of the deck space under the bleachers, scrubbing of the stainless steel around both pools, and a deep clean of the locker rooms/front desk area will also be completed.

Due to the sudden end of maintenance work, there are only a few tasks that will not be completed such as the painting of the locker rooms (they will reschedule this as soon as the paint becomes available), and the pressures washing/acid washing of the tile and gutters.

They are disappointed that these items will not be completed during this shutdown, however, they are so pleased to be able to open up for you earlier than expected.





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