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Livestock Attack Leaves Four Goats Dead, One Injured In Allen Canyon Area

Department of Fish and Wildlife

Wallowa County – On the morning of October 18, 2022, a livestock owner found one injured goat and four dead goats on privately-owned property. The four dead goats were tied up to fencing along the county road, and the injured goat was tied up in an unfenced area next to a barn. There was also blood on the window, door, and ground at the neighbor’s chicken coop across the road. The goats were attacked in the evening prior to the investigation and there had been no feeding on the carcasses.

There were bite scrapes on all five goats on the hindquarters, back, and shoulders up to ¼ inch wide indicating an attack. There were sharp cuts and severe bruising on three of the goats that were caused by fencing. The severity of trauma and location of the wounds are consistent with injuries on goats attacked by wolves, but the location of bite scrapes on the face, ears and the presence of fresh dog tracks and scat in the area indicate the attack was possibly attributed to a domestic dog. ODFW will continue to monitor this situation and the Bear Creek Pack and may change the determination if new information is discovered.





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