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More people using at-home COVID tests


An analysis of data from a nonprobability–based sample of U.S. adults found that from August 23, 2021, to March 12,  2022, adults increasingly used at-home tests to evaluate their COVID-19 status. At-home test use especially increased among those with COVID-19–like illness from the period of Delta  (5.7%) to Omicron (20.1%) predominance; the latter period coincided with increased availability of at-home test kits and the winter holiday season. As COVID-19 prevalence started to decline in February 2022, overall at-home tests also declined. However, among those who reported COVID-19 testing, including those with COVID-19–like illnesses, the proportion using at-home tests remained stable. 

This report found demographic differences in at-home test use. At-home test use was highest among persons who identified as White, adults aged 30–39 years, those with annual household incomes greater than $150,000, those with postgraduate degrees, and New England division residents. Observed differences might reflect the price point, marketing, education,  or disparities in the availability and accessibility of at-home tests. 

The full CDC report can be found here:

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