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ODOT warning about political sign placement

Oregon Department of Transportation

With elections approaching, the Oregon Department of Transportation reminds property owners and campaign supporters that temporary political signs may not be placed on state highway right of way. Additionally, there are restrictions for signs on private property that are visible from state highways, as well as time limits on how long signs can be posted.

State highway right of way width varies. In some cities it ranges from curb to curb; in other locations, it can extend 200 feet or more.

Political signs placed on state highway right of way may be removed without notice and stored at a local ODOT maintenance office for 30 days. 

Signs are prohibited on trees, utility poles, fence posts and natural features within highway right of way. They also are prohibited within view of a designated scenic area.

On private property, temporary political signs are allowed within view of state highways under these restrictions:

  • New signs are limited to 12 square feet.
  • No compensation may be exchanged for the right to place the sign or the message displayed.
  • No flashing or intermittent lights, animated or moving parts are allowed.
  • Signs must not imitate an official highway sign or device.
  • Signs are not allowed in scenic corridors.

Contact ODOT with questions about temporary political signs:

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