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Open Enrollment For Oregon Health Insurance Ends January 15

Oregon State Department of Health

Salem, Ore. – Jan. 15 is the last day of open enrollment for private health insurance in Oregon’s health insurance marketplace. Open enrollment is the only time when anyone who are not offered insurance from a job or a public program like the Oregon Health Plan or Medicare can enroll in health coverage through, often with financial help.

Since open enrollment began on Nov. 1, 2022, more than 138,000 people have enrolled in health insurance for 2023. More than 80 percent of Oregonians who have applied for financial help have been found eligible. These savings reduce the monthly premium to have health insurance. Additional financial help, called cost-sharing reductions, are available for thousands of Oregonians on out-of-pocket costs on Silver-level plans.

“As the cost-of-living soars, health insurance remains consistently attainable for many thanks to the financial help through the Marketplace,” says Chiqui Flowers, director of the Oregon Health Insurance Marketplace. “Health insurance is essential to protect both your health and your financial future, making it one of the most valuable purchases you will make.”

Sorting through health insurance options can be confusing, but there are tools to make the process easier:

  • gov offers a quick and easy-to-use window-shopping tool ( where users can preview which plans and savings are available to them. The tool also allows users to see which plans cover their prescription drugs and are networked with their preferred primary care doctor or preferred hospitals.
  • new tool ( can help you figure out if job-based coverage is considered affordable.
  • Free local help can be found from health insurance experts around the state at gov/GetHelp.

Bottom line: we encourage all Oregonians who do not currently have health insurance available to start at There they can see if health insurance offered from a job is considered affordable, preview plans and savings, and find an expert to guide them through the process.



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