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Oregon Department of Public Safety Standards & Training Transforms First Responder Communications and Development with FirstNet

SALEM — The Oregon Department of Public Safety Standards & Training (DPSST) is connecting our police officers, fire service professionals, emergency medical dispatchers and other members of the public safety community requiring training to FirstNet® – the only network built with and for America’s first responders and the extended public safety community. With this tech advancement, we can equip our first responders with new capabilities and reliable access to critical information while in the field, allowing us to better serve those who live, work and visit Oregon.

FirstNet is designed to improve interoperable communications across public safety entities nationwide, allowing first responders to communicate with one another easily and quickly during everyday situations, big events or emergencies. This is integral to solving the communications challenges public safety has experienced in the past.

Oregon DPSST is using FirstNet throughout the Oregon Public Safety academy, the state’s central location that provides mandated training for police officers, corrections officers, parole and probation officers, regulatory specialists (OLCC), emergency medical dispatchers, fire service professionals, and other public safety members in the State of Oregon. Hoping to solve a longstanding issue with connection at the facility, The State has been working with the department and FirstNet to provide solutions for the hundreds of public safety members on site at any given time.

“Oregon’s DPSST campus is a melting pot. Every public safety professional in the state walks through the training facility at some point,” said Ben Gherezgiher, Assistant State CIO for public safety, the State of Oregon. “Keeping public safety connected is one of our top priorities, especially on our public safety training grounds. FirstNet helps us do that.”

Oregon DPSST joined FirstNet to provide our first responders unthrottled access to an entire public safety ecosystem of mission-ready tools and capabilities, including:

  • The only nationwide communications platform that allows us to coordinate emergency responses efficiently and effectively across agencies and jurisdictions.
  • Always-on priority and preemption to give us reliable access to the connection we need – and protecting us from network congestion.
  • A separate, dedicated and highly secure network core purpose-built for public safety’s sensitive communications.
  • Innovative tools – like public safety-centric applications, mission-critical solutions and connected devices – to give us more actionable information for heightened situational awareness.
  • A dedicated fleet of 100+ deployable network assets public safety agencies can call upon for additional connectivity at no extra charge during remote situations, planned events or urgent crises—a unique benefit to the industry.
  • Access to holistic public safety health and wellness tools and resources, like ROG the Dog, that go beyond network connectivity—all powered by the FirstNet Health & Wellness Coalition, which represents more than 1.3 million first responders.

“Oregon DPSST is connected to different departments and agencies across the state that serve communities of different sizes,” said William Chapman, Statewide Interoperability Coordinator for the State of Oregon. “Oregon DPSST joining FirstNet adds another layer of critical communications capability and increases the state’s ability to coordinate across jurisdictions.”

“We’re honored that Oregon DPSST chose FirstNet to elevate its communications capabilities,” said Amir Johnson, Director, AT&T-Oregon. “It’s our mission to give first responders the cutting-edge tools they need to safely and effectively achieve their mission. FirstNet will help first responders in Oregon and across the country perform at the highest levels to keep themselves and those they serve out of harm’s way.”

“FirstNet is the exclusive communications platform, built with AT&T, for public safety, inspired by public safety. There is no substitution for this purpose-built network,” said FirstNet Authority CEO Edward Parkinson. “We look forward to supporting Oregon DPSST and all of Oregon’s public safety community with FirstNet, making sure it delivers what they need, when they need it.”

To learn more about Oregon DPSST, visit  

To learn more about FirstNet, go to To learn more about subscribing to FirstNet, contact Paul Braunstein at (503) 913-7565 or Individual first responders can also subscribe to FirstNet at a local AT&T store.





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