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Oregon International School Signs MOU with Hautlieu School and Government of Jersey 

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On April 26, 2022, a signing ceremony took place at the Baker School District 5J’s District Office in Baker City, Oregon, where representatives of the Government of Jersey and Hautlieu School  joined representatives of Oregon International School to sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) that solidifies their sister-school relationship. 

Lee Campbell, Assistant Head Teacher of Hautlieu School, and Rachel Baxter and Kirstie  Williams, Senior Advisors of the Government of Jersey’s Children, Young People, Education,  and Skills Department, traveled from the Isle of Jersey to be present at the signing in Baker  City.  

Speakers during the signing ceremony included Rosemary Gallant, US Embassy London’s  Minister Counselor for Commercial Affairs; Tom Le Feuvre, the Government of Jersey’s  Director of Global Relations; Sean O’Regan, Group Director for the Government of Jersey’s Children, Young People, Education, and Skills Department; Nick Falle, Head Teacher of  Hautlieu School; and Mark Witty, Superintendent of Baker School District and Executive  Director of Oregon International School. Lindsey McDowell, Public Information and  Communications Coordinator for the Baker School District, acted as emcee. 

Also in attendance were Oregon International School board members Andrew Bryan, Jessica  Dougherty, Claire Hobson, and Katie Lamb; as well as Oregon International School Principal  Dr. Tom Joseph and in-coming Student Body President Jordan Mills. 

In addition to signing the formal MOU, representatives signed a Certificate of Appreciation and Partnership that read, in part: “This certificate commemorates the official signing of a Memorandum of Understanding between the students and educators of Baker School District 5J and their new sister-school partners at Hautlieu School of St. Savior, on the Isle of Jersey. 

The undersigned stand committed to a long-lasting collaboration between our schools; one  underpinned by our common commitment to the academic success of all students as they  prepare to take leadership roles in an ever-connected global community.” 

This coming September, students from Hautlieu School are expected to spend four weeks  studying in Baker City, while students from Baker City spend the same four weeks studying on  the Isle of Jersey. Teachers from both schools will accompany their students for the exchange  program. 

In a press release made today by the Government of Jersey, Minister for Children and Education, Deputy Scott Wickenden, said, “This is an exciting opportunity for our students to  experience a different culture and educational setting…We look forward to welcoming the  students from Oregon when they arrive in September.” 

Superintendent Mark Witty echoed many of the same sentiments. “We look forward to all the  opportunities this collaboration will afford,” he said. “These relationships support an education  of excellence for the future generation, with wide-reaching benefits we are excited to watch  unfold.” 

About Oregon International School 

Oregon International School (OIS) is a charter school of nationally-recognized Baker School District 5J in  Baker City, Oregon, USA. The mission of OIS is to foster international relationships, perspectives, and  opportunities that prepare students to thrive in a global community while enhancing the professional  development of staff and enriching the greater community.

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