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Oregon Walmart Stores Going Bagless in April 2023 

Walmart continues along its journey toward zero waste

Salem, Ore. – Walmart is doing its part to eliminate waste in Oregon by removing plastic carryout bags from all stores in the state for checkout and pickup. Beginning Tuesday, April 18, 2023, Walmart stores in Oregon will no longer provide plastic bags at checkout or pickup, encouraging customers to use reusable bags or containers.

To make the transition easier for its customers, Walmart will continue to offer a wide array of reusable bags and containers throughout stores and at checkout areas for purchase. Stores have added signing, social posts on store Facebook pages, and messaging on the Walmart App to remind customers of the upcoming changes. Additionally, Walmart makes it easy for customers to recycle their end-of-life plastic and reusable bags by providing recycling containers located in the store’s vestibule area. 

As of January 2020, Oregon state law banned single-use plastic bags, and now Walmart is taking it a step further by eliminating all single-use plastic and paper bags at checkouts across the state. Walmart aims to offer solutions that serve a similar function, deliver convenience and reduce environmental impact. 

“Eliminating single-use bags aligns our stores with the Oregon values of a sustainable community,” said Jane Ewing, senior vice president of Walmart Sustainability. “We are committed to making the sustainable choice accessible and convenient for Oregonians so that together we can reduce waste every day.”

To do its part in reducing plastic bag waste, Walmart has been working to ensure a seamless and convenient shift to reusable bags for its customers and associates, taking learnings from other initiatives. 

  • As of January 2023, Walmart has eliminated paper and plastic bags in Canada and Mexico as well as Vermont, Maine, New Jersey, New York, Colorado and Connecticut. 
  • By going bagless in these six states, Walmart avoids the use of over 1.2 billion plastic and paper bags every year.
  • Stores began rolling out new, Walmart-branded reusable bags in October 2022 to ensure customers have a selection of high-quality, easy-to-reuse bags for their shopping trips.
  • To encourage their transition away from single-use bags, Walmart has improved the placement of reusable bags in stores, developed new bag designs, and adjusted checkout lines to accommodate more reusable bags.

Delivery will continue to utilize paper bags, and stores will continue providing single-use bags in areas that prevent food contamination or as required by law.

For more information on Walmart’s reusable bag efforts, click here.



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