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Oversized Load Traveling through Eastern Oregon, expect nighttime Delays


UMATILLA – Motorists should expect nighttime delays of up to 20 minutes starting June 5 and continuing through mid-June on various eastern highways and local roads. These delays will accommodate an oversized transport scheduled to travel during eight evenings as it moves from the Port of Umatilla to the Idaho border. The shipment consists of boiler equipment and is expected to travel 10 to 30 mph along segments of U.S. 730, OR 37, Interstate 84 in Pendleton, U.S. 395, U.S. 26, U.S. 20, OR 78, U.S. 95 and other roads in Umatilla, Grant, Harney and Malheur counties. It will exit Oregon into Idaho via U.S. 95 north of Jordan Valley (see attached map).

The oversize load will travel during nighttime hours to reduce impacts to other highway users. It will not move during snow, ice, fog, or other hazardous conditions and will be parked off the roadway when it is not traveling. Because the movement of this load is weather dependent, the travel dates may change.

The size of the shipment will require it to use both travel lanes on two-lane highways, resulting in delays. Traffic will be stopped at regular intervals with pilot cars in front of and behind the load informing the movers when to pull over at designated sites to let waiting vehicles pass.

The total transport trailer and push/pull vehicles will be 217 feet long, 23.5 feet wide and 26.5 feet tall. The cargo itself is about 44 feet long. Because of the overall height of the load it is not scheduled to travel on Interstate 84, except for the short section in Pendleton between exits 207 and 209. The 357,000-pound freight contains no hazardous materials, fuels, or liquids.

Traffic impact data will be posted on while the equipment is moving along Oregon highways. Motorists should check this site for updates. Additional information may be listed on the ODOT Region 5 website at



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