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Pendleton launches City Projects Webpage

Pendleton, Ore – (Release from the City of Pendleton) The City of Pendleton has launched a new website to help residents and developers learn about in-progress, completed, and planned construction projects.

“We are pleased to roll out our new projects’ webpages.  We understand the interest by our citizens to better understand the work being accomplished and planned by the City of Pendleton,” said Bob Patterson, Public Works Director.  “Quite a bit of work went into delivering this information and will continue to go into keeping it updated.  Also, outside developers are very interested in understanding the investments being made in our community as they consider development opportunities in Pendleton.” includes information about the scope, cost, and purpose of construction activities across the City of Pendleton, from the airport to urban renewal. Site visitors can sort projects by category – street, water, wastewater, facilities, parks, or urban renewal – or status – in progress, planned or completed.  Completed projects can also be examined by year, and an interactive projects map allows users to visually track projects in each category.

At launch, the site includes more than 50 projects, but it is a work in progress that will be updated regularly to include new projects.

Pendleton Projects aligns with the Pendleton City Council’s goals to improve communication and also helps meet the needs of the community, as identified in the 2022 City Communications Survey. In that survey, participants identified construction as the No. 1 priority area for city communications. 



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