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Pendleton Water Service Line Survey Opens

Pendleton, Ore – (Release from the City of Pendleton) The City of Pendleton is asking residents and business owners to voluntarily report the pipe material in their water service line over the next month.

A new state law requires the City to collect information on the types of material used in water pipes across the city, including customer’s water service lines between the water meter and the structure and through internal plumbing.

Water users can determine the service line material by opening the water meter box (typically located near the street in front of the structure) and looking at the material of pipe extending from the water meter toward their home.  The pipe material can also be observed at the location of the water shutoff valve, which is often where the service line enters the exterior of the home

photo showing types of pipes

Water users can often determine the type of internal plumbing by looking at the pipe running the water heater. Those with a raised foundation can also see the internal plumbing by looking into the crawl space beneath the floor.

The attached image gives examples of pipe types, and additional images are available at the water service line survey portion of the City website. Residents may also be able to determine the type of service line by completing the scratch test.

To complete the scratch test, use a flathead screwdriver or a coin to scratch the service line below the water shutoff valve or water meter. The color of the area scratched determines the pipe material:  

  • Shiny silver color, the pipe material is Lead
  • Dull gray color: the pipe material is Galvanized
  • Tarnished penny color: the pipe material is Copper
  • Gray or white color: the pipe material is PVC

The survey will ask water customers to categorize both the service line and internal plumbing pipes as galvanized steel, PVC, PEX, Lead, Polyethylene, Copper, “Other” or “I’m not sure.”         

Oregon Administrative Rule 333-061-0034 requires the public water systems to collect water service line information so that they can properly treat the water to keep certain contaminates from impacting your drinking water.  City staff will be required to visit all homes that do not participate in this survey in order to ensure the health of all customers.

The City is asking water customers to complete the survey by March 13.  Those interested can complete that survey online. If you would like assistance inspecting your water service pipes or completing the survey, please call the City’s Regulatory Specialist at (541) 966-0249.  Completed surveys may also be emailed to    



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