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“School Shooting May 5” Found Written in Bathroom of Joseph Charter School

Wallowa Sheriff

Wallowa County, Ore – (Release from Wallowa County Sheriff’s Office) A student at Joseph Charter School found a disturbing message in the upstairs boy’s bathroom last week. Some unknown subject had written “School Shooting May 5” in pencil inside a bathroom stall. 

The Sheriff’s Office has been working with the school administration, but a suspect has not been identified. It has not been determined how long ago the message had been written; It was faint and illegible except from a certain angle. There were two ballgames that weekend, and anyone attending the games could have written the message. 

The Sheriff’s Office will continue to work with the school administration in attempting to identify the source of the message and to increase the law enforcement presence in the school on top of normal check-ins. Parents should encourage their students to notify staff of any information or concerns they have. Parents are also reminded that it is illegal for students to have unsupervised access to firearms, so firearms should be stored appropriately.



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