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An accomplished teller of spell-binding tales, and a fixture on Toronto air-waves for two decades, this veteran broadcaster made his bones as a keen interviewer in the arena of the unexplained.

Richard is a regular guest-host on Coast to Coast AM, the most-listened-to, late-night radio program in the world. He is also the host of his own weekly syndicated radio program, The Conspiracy Show heard in about 40 markets across North America.

His TV program, also called The Conspiracy Show, aired across Canada, Australia, parts of Europe and Africa for four seasons. In 2013 he co-starred in a pilot for the The Discovery Channel in the U.S. called The United States of Paranoia, which investigated claims of electronic harassment and mind control. 

​His popular podcast, Conspiracy Unlimited garners nearly 400 thousand unique downloads per month.

Previously he was the creator, writer, and host of the critically acclaimed podcast The Rock ‘n Roll Twilight Zone on Westwood One and The Chris Jericho podcast network.

He is a much sought-after expert on all things unexplained and has appeared on numerous TV series, including: William Shatner’s Weird or What; National Park Mysteries; and Freak Encounters.



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