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The Handmade Holidays Maker’s Market at The Art Center East

by Dan Brooks

On Friday and Saturday, the Art Center East held its Handmade Holidays Maker’s Market. There were dozens of vendors selling handmade prints, T-shirts, Posters, Coffee mugs, Kitchenwares, Knives, and countless other handmade items.

This booth offered all things Tie-Dye from blankets to shirts to socks and more. Sales support both a locally-owned business and a local artist.

This booth offered felted trees, coasters, and trivets. Many of which can be displayed on walls or even framed.

This booth offered candles, bath salts, and bath bombs to spoil and pamper yourself or others.

This booth offered locally sourced honey and beeswax.

This booth offered award-winning granola cereals, and snacks perfect for the car, all of which are locally sourced.

This booth offered handmade wood products ranging from Chess Boards to Cutting Boards, and even wooden bookmarks made from sturdy local material.

This local artisan makes beautiful cups and mugs out of wood.

This booth from a local artist showcased dozens of beautiful artwork from Magic Woodland Studio.

This booth offered handmade crochet and knitted items ranging from what can be displayed in a home and what one can wear at home or in public.

This shop at The Art Center East featured an Art O Mat vending machine. What art it vended remains a mystery.

In the same shop, there were more rocks on display than stars in the night sky.

And for spare change rocks from a vending machine could be purchased rather than gum balls or candy of any sort.

On top of rocks to display in the home or to have as keepsakes, there were earrings and other jewelry made from rocks.

Beneath the rock earrings and jewelry there were handcrafted wooden rattles.

There are many more events holiday-centered and otherwise set to appear at Art Center East in the next few weeks and months. News of Oregon will be there to showcase community events, local businesses, and local artists.



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