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Wallowa County Evacuations as of 1 p.m. Thursday, September 8


The Wallowa County Sheriff’s Department has issued the following evacuations for the area.

Level 1 – Be Ready to Leave 

Lostine River Rd from Hwy 82 to Fir Rd 

Level 2 – Get Set to Leave 

Lostine River Rd from Fir Rd south to Two Pan including all campgrounds and trailheads 

Level 3 – Go – Evacuate the Area 

Town of Imnaha north to the Snake River at Dug Bar & south to Hwy 39 

Road Closures Lostine River Rd from Moffitt’s south Closed Lower Imnaha Rd & Dug Bar Rd Closed Upper Imnaha Rd closed Hat Point Rd closed FS 39 Rd is closed from Target Springs Junction to Ollokot Campground including the Canal Rd (3920), and Lick Creek Rd (3925).





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