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Wolf Depredation in Wallowa County

Department of Fish and Wildlife

On the afternoon of April 25, 2022, a livestock owner found the remains of a 2-month-old, 170 lb. calf in a privately owned 850-acre pasture in the Cow Creek area of Wallowa County. The calf was intact except for feeding at the stomach. The calf was estimated to have died 24-48 hours prior to the investigation. The calf was shaved, skinned and examined and found to have more than 20 pre-mortem tooth scrapes on the hindquarters and below the anus up to on quarter inch wide and two and a half inches long. Underlying tissue trauma and hemorrhage extended up to an inch deep. There were premortem tooth punctures on shoulders and elbows, including tissue damage one and three quarter inches deep. The size and location of the bite wounds and severity of trauma are similar to those observed in other calves attacked by wolves. The depredation is being attributed to the Chesnimnus Pack.

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