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Wolf from Horseshoe Pack in Umatilla County Lethally Removed

UMATILLA COUNTY – A wolf from the Horseshoe Pack was trapped and lethally removed Friday on private land in Umatilla County where previous depredations occurred, in an effort to reduce further depredations. The wolf was an uncollared, non-breeding adult male.

Despite non-lethal measures in place including camping with their cattle and hazing, this landowner had experienced repeated livestock depredations by the Horseshoe Pack and requested a lethal removal permit earlier in fall.

ODFW had first authorized lethal action on Sept. 8 after two depredations on cattle within three weeks. On Oct. 6, the permit was extended until Oct. 28 after the producer lost another calf to the wolves, and since that time an additional two depredations have been confirmed despite the landowner’s continued use of non-lethal measures.

At the producer’s request, USDA Wildlife Services began acting as their agent and were able to trap and lethally remove the wolf.

Whenever trapping is authorized for the removal of wolves, protocols, agents, and equipment must be approved by ODFW. For example, only traps suitable for wolves and that allow for the safe release of non-target wildlife may be used.

The producer’s permit allows them or their agent to take an additional wolf from this pack and is valid until Oct. 28. There are still a minimum of six wolves in the pack, including at least one pup, based on recent trail camera photos.





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