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Wolf Lethally Removed in Union County

Department of Fish and Wildlife

Union County – (Release from Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife) Two wolves from a new group of wolves in Catherine Creek WMU were trapped by USDA Wildlife Services yesterday on private land in Union County. One wolf was lethally removed under a permit given to the landowner who has had four depredations on their property since Dec. 25, 2022. The second wolf was radio-collared and released. (The conditions of the lethal removal permit for this producer allowed for removal of two wolves and another wolf was removed on Feb. 4.)

ODFW has also authorized lethal removal of chronically depredating wolves from a different group of wolves near the border of Union and Baker Counties. The producers requested the permit after three separate depredation events were confirmed on their properties on Jan. 27 and Feb. 2. The permit allows the producers or their agents to kill up to two wolves on their private land pastures while continuing to use non-lethal measures (producers have increased human presence, checked livestock nightly, moved livestock to a pasture next to roads and houses, used fladry and radio to deter wolves) The permit is valid until March 31, 2023 or until both wolves have been removed, whichever comes first. All Wolf Plan rules regarding lethal removal permits are in effect for this permit, including that ODFW did not identify any wolf attractants on the producer properties. Another update about the permit will be posted only if wolves are removed or the permit is extended.



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